6 Gift Ideas to Impress Local Single Moms

local single momsAre you going to date a single mom? Is it your first meeting? What gift are you planning to give them?

Let’s be honest. When it comes to giving a gift to local single moms, all guys go clueless. They wonder what do these beautiful and smart older women need. They are quite different from the girls of their ages and have a completely different attitude. In a scenario like this, what should be planned that makes them happy and surprised?

Well, this blog is all that you need to refer to. Here, we will talk about different gifts that you can gift to local single moms on your first date.

Gift Ideas to Surprise Local Single Moms

1. Flowers

The simplest yet impactful gift to bring a smile on any lady is flowers. Every women like the beauty and fragrance of delicate flowers – especially when these flowers are their favorite.

Therefore, take some time to know about her taste and gift her a single flower or bouquet of her favorite flowers on your first date.

2. Wine

A good glass of wine can do wonders. It can make things more manageable and comfortable at your first meeting. Besides, it can add a romantic tint to your meeting, helping her to look forward to seeing you more than a friend.

3. Books

Unlike girls of your ages, cougars invest their time in reading good books and magazines. So surprising her with the ‘best selling author’ book or that of her favorite genre is also a nice option.

4. Journal

Many local single moms have admitted to have a journal where they write down what they have survived and how. This journal gives them strength; hope and happiness whenever they are lose sight of the future or find themselves stuck in the claws of present day challenges.

So gifting your date partner a journal is also a good option.

5. SPA offers

Cougars, just like other women, take a special care of their beauty. In a scenario like this, giving them some SPA offers or discount coupons for joining a gym can also make them happy. So try this when you date a single mom.

6. Child Care

Last but not least, cougars do not want you to see yourself as dad of their kids. However, they crave for someone who helps them in providing their children with love and care. Therefore, you can ask her permission to help her in taking care of the kids or do babysitting once or twice a month. This will bring a charismatic smile on her face, as they will be able to enjoy some ‘Me’ time without compromising on their children’s health and care.

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