Tips for Cubs: How to Choose Profile Pic for Your Online Milf Dating Account?

tips for cubsLet’s be honest. Profile picture means a lot when you are on online milf dating platform. It’s your profile photo that people come across at first and decide what to do next. If your profile is attractive, they check your profile and even strike a conversation which eventually turns into a relationship. But in case your picture is not so good, they would just swap and look for other options. If you don’t wish to fall into the second category, here are some expert’s tips for cubs to select the right profile pic:

Mimic Others

It’s quite hard to determine which pose will be better, which location will suit the best, etc. To clear these doubts, look for people you find attractive and mimic their profile.

Use Genuine Pics

You might have seen various people looking directly into the camera lens while getting clicked. Avoid this. A genuine, candid photo is more likely to attract milfs and make your dating experience pleasant. Therefore, click a picture while doing something you enjoy. Also, consider a happy environment to add emotions to your pic.

Add Group Photo

You want to add a group photo as your profile photo. It’s okay. You can add one but bear in mind it is easy to distinguish you from others. If people are left to guess who you are among all the people in the photo, there will be a higher risk of getting ignored. The best kind of group picture is where you are at the centre of the picture.

Photo with a Female Friend

Interestingly, a picture with a female friend makes men more attracted. Milfs, when finding other women smiling with you, tend to connect you. However, make it certain that more than one girl is in your profile pic. Otherwise, the milfs might consider her your current/ex-girlfriend and leave.

Don’t just focus on your photo

There’s much more than women notice on your account at milf dating apps. Therefore, consider other elements as well. Add a short and crispy description. Share your interests. Connect milfs and send personalized messages to them. Adjust your daily task list as per their schedule and strike a conversation. Although talking about sex and money is not restricted, it’s better to discuss these topics only when you both are comfortable.

Have you tried any of the above tips? How was your experience? Share in the comment section below.